Another year, another Musical!

Flyer flatThe Arts Department is pleased to announce that we are once again working on a major performance.

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On Oct 1st the Drama students will have the opportunity to see the musical, Wicked, in Toronto. It is a great opportunity for our students to see a major production.

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Toronto Metro Zoo


On October 1st the senior Applied Design students will travel to the Toronto Zoo. The grade 11s will be sketching the animals as research for their Children’s Book Illustrations. The grade 12s will be creating a magazine layout that explores the varied Applied Design jobs that are to be found at the zoo.

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Another school year has arrived

It is always exciting to begin another new year. The Arts Department would like to welcome Laura Johnson as our new Dance teacher. As usual we will all be busy with projects, practises and performances.

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New York, New York

The Music Department has taken students on a trip to New York City.  It is an annual trip that allows Arts students to see the exciting world of the city that never sleeps.


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Student Art Show

The annual display of work from high school students is currently on at the Gallery of Northumberland in Cobourg.  It is located on the 3rd floor of the Cobourg Town Hall. Samantha Greenwood’s Self Portrait was chosen to be featured on the Program Cover and for the Advertising for the entire show.


The show features work from ENSS students:

  • Leanne Harnden – grade 10
  • Morgan Hart – grade 10
  • Bobbi Rutherford – grade 10
  • Michaela Sunstrum – grade 10
  • Amanda Cosmo – grade 11
  • Desiree Gagnon – grade 11
  • Samantha Greenwood – grade 12
  • Jessica Crews – grade 12
  • Emma Whaley – grade 12

The show runs from May 1st to June 9th.

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Over 6000 people came to see our musical.  Once again the Arts Dept came together to produce a first class experience for the audience and for all of the students involved in the creation of the show.


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One Big Team

IMG_7150Only two more rehearsals until our major musical, The Sound of Music, has its first show.  I can’t begin to even imagine the number of hours that has gone into this production. Almost every evening and during the weekends there always seemed to be somebody working on something for this show.  For the audience it is a show to be watched.  For me, it is a culmination of a massive team effort. I usually think about it all as Fun Chaos.

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History Open House

Brighton is featuring an Open House on Feb 22 and 23.  Several of the grade 12 Art students’ sketches of historically significant buildings will be on display.img_6886-e1385934499282

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Art Show

IMG_6876 Our grade 12 Fine Art students will be featured at the BAC’s Main Street Gallery for the month of February.  Their drawings of the town’s architecture are a perfect fit for History Month.  There will be an Open House on February 6th from 3pm to 8pm to showcase their work.  Tea and coffee will be served.


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